This is a profit making trading strategy, using a crypto trading bot that trades your funds on your behalf on an exchange. Making thousands of micro trades 24 hours a day, and you receive profits from a steady stream of small wins.

The way to make money in cryptocurrency is to trade the market fluctuations. The crypto market , moves in cycles, it goes up and then it goes down. Then it goes up again. Right now the market is close to the bottom 

There is an easy way to make daily profits. Using algorithm bot trading, takes the emotion out of it. It's a stress free experience. You don't have to watch the market, it steadily grows your crypto trading profits by itself. It works in down, sideways or up trends. 

The Apitrade bot is easy to use. You don't have to program any settings at all. Just fund your exchange and start it. It's already programmed with algorithms that are constantly being backtested and tweaked by their team of developers to keep up with changing market conditions. The commission is 50% of the profit from each trade, if you aren't making money then they aren't either. It is in their best interest to create the most profitable algorithms. It's 100% safe, they don't have withdrawal capabilities or access to your passwords or information. Binance is the most secure exchange and the easiest to use.

So here's how it works: 

1) Create an account on Binance

2) Buy Bitcoin from Coinmama and Deposit the Bitcoin to the Binance account (you MUST deposit funds to your Binance account or the bot will not have anything to trade with)

3)Create an API Key on Binance, copy and paste the API Key onto the Apitrade Bot form.

4)Thats it! Your done.

You can deposit more money on to the exchange to increase your trading balance. They recommend at least 0.1 Bitcoin to start, which at current price is $355. Some of their algorithms only work with higher trade balances. The Bigger your Binance balance is, the more the bot can trade with,  the bigger your profits will be and the faster it will build wealth.

The Apitrade Bot can also go short, Bitmex is a popular exchange that offers margin trading. You can link your bot to the Bitmex exchange and go long and short, making money from both up and down trends.

 I tried other bots and found them to be complicated, expensive and they did not bring me profits. Apitrade is making money in this down and sideways market so when the next bull run starts, I expect that it will bring in a lot more. I will post regular pics of my trading results to show how well it works.

If you're interested, click the link below and check it out for yourself. It will take you to the website for more information

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.02.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.02.35 PM.png
This is my Ethereum Bot The sharp jumps in ETH are deposits I put on the Binance Exchange, as you can see there are 3 days that it went slightly down and 24 days that went up. Extremely happy with the results. It should be noted that this is during January where the price of Bitcoin dropped or moved sideways. Even in the Bear Market, the bot consistently profits.
Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 4.32.41 PM.png
Two consecutive days results- $19 profit in one day
Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 2.04.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 4.42.51 PM.png