This is the Ledger Nano X, it is regarded as the # 1 safest way to store your cryptocurrency. The Nano X has bluetooth capabilities, so you can use your phone to conduct transactions with it.

It holds 100 different cryptocurrencies. 

They are stored offline in cold storage, so there is no possible way that hackers can get to your funds. Even if the ledger website were to dissapear, you will still be able to access your funds. 

100% Best way to keep your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safe.

It is coming March 2019, so pre-order yours today.

There is also the Ledger Nano S. Same as the X in security and safety but the Ledger Nano S holds less cryptocurrencies and must be plugged into your laptop or desktop computer. Still a great choice for securing your digital assets. 

Option #2 is an online wallet. It's slightly less secure because it is connected to the internet, unlike the hardware wallets above. The private key is a series of 35 numbers and letters. The probability of someone guessing your private key is the same as if you won the lottery 7 times in a row and then got struck by lightning, so its basically secure. 

My best choice for these is the BRD WALLET.  Best part is its FREE!

super easy to set up, visit:

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