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How to buy Verge (XVG)

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

What is Verge Currency?

Verge is a completely open source and community driven project with some new mysterious and interesting origins. The project was developed by a mostly anonymous team and the original “blackpaper” was signed only with handles or usernames. Verge, or XVG, is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be completely anonymous but also offers options for transparency. This means users can decide whether or not the transactions they make are visible on the blockchain or blocked from the eyes of the public. The technology that makes this possible is called the Wraith Protocol and it guarantees untraceable and private transactions.

Some have questioned the coin due to the limited information available about its developers and the boisterous marketing of its fans on social media, but experts still stand by its technology. XVG pumped all the way to $0.26 when the market was booming and leaped into the forefront of crypto when the cybersecurity expert and cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee endorsed the digital asset in a tweet. Since then, the market has slumped, but Verge has been accepted on popular adult content websites such as PornHub due to the coin’s anonymous nature.

Buying XVG

Bitfinex is recommended because you can deposit fiat money and use a credit card and several pairings are available with XVG.

First, make an account on Bitfinex and deposit the amount of cash you want to use or enter a Visa or MasterCard debit for fast purchases. Now find the Trading Page and locate the XVG pairs. Once you select your pair you can specify the order type and size. Review the transaction and, if everything is correct, go ahead and click Exchange Buy to complete the deal.

If you already have BTC or ETH

If you’ve already bought and hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, you’ll be able to use those assets to buy XVG at many exchanges. Over 25 exchanges offer XVG, but Binance is a great option for speedy trades with low fees. Just navigate to the trading page of the exchange of your choice and find the XVG/BTC and XVG/ETH pairs. 

Securing your Verge

You’ll want to set up a wallet to secure your cryptocurrency. Verge offers two wallets that feature strong privacy settings for transactions, the Tor Wallet (The Onion Router network), and i2P wallet (Invisible Internet Project). Simply visit Verge’s official wallet page and choose the link that matches your computer or device.

You’ll also need to download and install the Tor Browser. Once this step is complete you’ll be able to create launch Dapps and create your Verge wallet. Just be sure to write down your seed and keep it in a very safe place because this will be the only way to restore your wallet.

Send XVG from the exchange to your wallet

Once your Verge wallet is set up, click on wallet the “Address” button on the home screen. Next, copy the address where you want to receive the XVG.

Now find where it says “Receive” and paste the address into the bar provided. You can then enter the exact amount and complete the transaction.

Once you become comfortable with the Tor Browser and your new wallet, you can explore the use of private transactions and the transparency toggle feature.

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