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How to create an account on Binance exchange.

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Binance is one of the greatest crypto exchanges out there. Extremely secure and super easy to use. I've created a step-by-step guide for the person that is new to buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Here's how to set up your account

Go to https:// www.binance.com

This is the home page, go to the upper right hand corner and click Register.

Put in your email address you would like to use with your exchange account and then pick a password you want to use. If you would like to put in my referral ID, its 35716871. That tells them I referred you and they give me a little commission for sending people their way. Totally optional.

After you enter your email, this thing pops up. This is the hardest part of this whole process. You have to slide the puzzle piece over and match it exactly to the blank spot. Click your mouse and hold it to slide over or if its a phone or tablet, just slide it over.

After you complete the puzzle piece it will prompt you to go to your email and confirm this is you, it will instantly be in your inbox. Just click the Confirm Button, it's yellow. You can't miss it.

Confirm your account and this will pop up. Click the check mark to confirm you've read and understand these 5 important things and then the next screen that comes up is this.

I used an old business email to create this, just for demonstration purposes. Your email will be there in the upper left corner. At this point you have an exchange account and you can buy and sell crypto. You need to do one more thing though, enable Google 2 Factor Authentication. Download the Google2FA App from your phone's app store, then link it with your Binance account. This isn't mandatory to use your exchange account but if you want to be safe from those that would do you harm, Enable this. Super Important to safe guard yourself against hackers. Unless they have your phone in hand, nobody can log into your account except you.

At this point you have an account, at LEVEL 1 verification. You can withdraw up to 2 BTC per 24 hour period. If you want to be able to withdraw more than that, You must follow the steps for LEVEL 2 verification and up. It involves giving more detailed and personal info about you. Initially level 1 should be fine.

Congratulations! Easy right?

In order to buy Altcoins( cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin) you must deposit either bitcoin or ethereum to your account and use that as money to buy whatever coin you're wanting to get.

Any questions please email Chris at info@simplecryptotrading.com


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